Be Set Free Fast and ZPoint

Larry Nims, Ph.D. developed BSFF several years ago after using Meridian Therapies such as EFT and TAT both of which he found to be very effective. Larry noticed as he continued using these two therapies in his Psychotherapy practice that that clients were healing even when steps of these protocols were missed. He eventually, after much practice, was able to affect complete healing without using any Meridian Points. Rather, he composed complete instructions to the sub-conscious mind which he and others call Our Faithful Servant.

Our sub-conscious mind follows our directives to the ‘T’ that’s why the directions we give it must be thorough and complete. Larry’s directive leaves nothing to chance and is extremely thorough. It is given to the sub-conscious just once. The client picks a healing word and whenever this healing word is invoked, the sub-conscious follows the directions to release all negativity related to the particular issue being worked on. Amazing!

Many other practitioners have since developed and use their own version of Larry’s work, with his blessing. That’s why they call him the “Inimitable Larry Nims”. He’s very generous and giving and continues to be a great resource and teacher to us all. One of those who uses Larry’s work is Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer of German New Medicine. Dr. Hamer developed his protocol for cancer when, after being a traditional Oncologist for many years, he saw that Chemo, Surgery, and Radiation were not saving as many lives as they could. In fact, he came to believe that people were dying because of them and not the cancer.

Dr. Hamer’s Protocol uses EFT and BSFF with a somewhat different terminology in his conflict Resolution Phase. I am so thankful to be able to offer this work to those with cancer and other life-threatening dis-ease. These innovative researchers are saving thousands and we owe them a debt of gratitude.

They are moving us out of the “Dark Ages” of medicine.

ZPoint was developed by Grant Connally of Canada. It follows the same approach as BSFF except for the directions which are much shorter, yet comprehensive. Grant’s protocol has the client use his healing word as a Mantra which is extremely stress reducing and effective. An offshoot of his work is Zensight by Carol ann Rowland. In Carol Ann’s work the client uses a picture to heal. These are all very easy to use and they do the job.

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