Most clients make dramatic changes in as few as 2 to 6 sessions; serious diagnoses, of course, will take longer.
Here is what my clients are saying:

After three Body-Field Scans using NES along with expert and loving counseling by Carole Seaver and taking the recommended Infoceuticals, I now feel fine.  With proper care the Body-Field can be corrected and allow the body to heal itself.
Thank you, NES Health!  Thank you very much, Carole Seaver for your loving care!  May God continue to bless your work!
–Gratefully, Ellen B.

I contacted Carole to attend an Introduction to German New Medicine presentation because I had just been diagnosed with Glandular Breast Cancer.  It was an eye-opening event for me and saved me so much mental and physical agony.  I made an appointment with Carole after sending her my time line of significant events.  Because of the particular type of cancer  –Valerie G.

“I had reached the lowest point of my life over a year ago. I was always hurt, always, angry, always pitied myself. I always had issues with people; they always had issues with me. I knew something had to change, but I didn’t have the strength or know-how to do it myself. The Holistic Spiritual Counseling and Energy Techniques Carole used helped to calm and center me.  –Niki

I had a phone consultation with Carole after having surgery for Intraductal Breast Cancer.  The doctors wanted to put me on Tamoxifen and 30 days of radiation.  After my consultation with Carole I made the decision to forego the Tamoxifen and the radiation as I had already resolved my conflict and my cancer was already healed.  I did change my diet to an Alkaline one and started taking some supplements to keep my body strong but refused further treatment.  I made the right decision thanks to the Meta-medicine help I received from my consultation with Carole.  –Maria

Anxiety attacks were limiting my life; I was full of fear and had gotten to the point that I’d rather do nothing than go through those attacks. Through Energy Checking and Meridan Therapies Carole was able to locate the root of the problem. We cleared it and I learned several techniques that will help me with future difficulties. I learned a great deal about “prevention” and Mindbody wellness. I’m grateful!  —Elaine

“My life has taken many different paths, but when faced with the dark path of depression, I had no frame of reference to find my way back. Carole Seaver was my map and my compass; her techniques, knowledge and energy pulled me back!. She truly saved me by teaching me how to save myself…..amazing! My family and I are so very grateful to Carole. I know that if I am ever faced with ANY of ‘life’s challenges’ again, Carole will be there to teach me and guide me and this will ultimately save me.” –JG

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