TAT – Tapas Acupressure Technique

TAT, according to Tapas Fleming its originator, is a simple yet profound process for permanently eliminating traumatic stress, reducing allergic reactions, and freeing yourself of negative beliefs. TAT is a new, simple and effective technique that delivers inner peace, relaxation, more vibrant health and empowerment in minutes. It combines lightly holding a few acupressure points on your head (the TAT pose) as you put your attention on the problem (the steps of TAT), check to see if something about the problem is still bothering you. If there is, do TAT again and continue in this way until there is nothing about it that hurts you, troubles you, or feels stuck. The first time you do TAT, do the TAT pose with your attention for one minute or so on this statement, “I deserve to live and I can accept love, help, and healing.” You can say I deserve to be happy, or I deserve to be free or whatever you are working towards. Tapas is an acupuncturist and has a website where you can learn more about TAT; visit www.tatlife.com. There is an entire Disaster Relief Protocol that can easily be used for large groups in a crisis situation. It has gotten phenomenal results in restoring calm and releasing fear.

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