Holistic Wellness Coaching



Holistic Wellness Coaching is an approach that addresses the whole being – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. It is a combination of ancient healing techniques and conflict resolution along with the best of the tenets postulated by the forerunners of emotional cancer therapy. Holistic Wellness Coaching will help you discover and heal the emotional and biological cause of your illness. Following the precepts set forth by Dr. Hamer for all dis-ease, which he calls Specific Biological Programs, the answers to “Why me?” and “Why now?” can be uncovered. Knowing that there is a connection between Psyche, Brain, and Organ the mystery of the Specific Biological Program that you are running will be solved.

Together, we will find and resolve the root cause of your health issues. Every Program is meaningful and is Nature’s way of protecting your body from conflicts of attack, separation, death fright, self-devaluation, and other traumas and conflicts we all go through in our lifetimes. Working together, we will discuss what conflicts you are facing in your life and how they are affecting you. My guidance and support consists of a plan, developed together with you, that will accomplish these goals and will enable you to realize:

  • Why you have this particular illness
  • What your symptoms mean, which releases “FEAR”
  • The specific emotions and thoughts that are linked to your illness
  • What is triggering recurrences in chronic dis-ease
  • That your body is working for you, not against you
  • Self-empowerment because you will know what you must do to get well

If you are ready to reclaim and maintain your health naturally, send me an email and we can set up a time for your Free initial consultation or call now at 908-278-2729.

Note: All information on this site is provided to expand the awareness of those seeking to heal themselves spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically so that they may have more options that build-up rather than tear-down and that may elevate themselves to higher levels of functioning in all areas. Rather, I teach that all forms of healing and curing must be chosen by the student/client/patient as it is their Journey to undertake and each person must choose his/her own Path. My goal is to present healing options and to teach everyone that our bodies can heal themselves. If medical intervention is needed or desired they then can decide from amongst the various options.
I do not prevent anyone from seeking medical attention but rather encourage it if there are healing complications. Education and prevention are the best form of medicine and that is what I am providing here. Please follow your own Inner Guide as to the Path that is best for you. Use of the techniques of self-healing and self-mastery on this site is meant to promote healing from within. My wish is for you and everyone to explore, experiment, and believe in their innate healing abilities. Prevention in the form of daily releasing and letting go of negativity is the surest way to health. May God bless you and be with you on your Healing Journey.

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