Holistic counseling for the mind, body and soul.


Align your physical life with your soul’s intent.

Are you feeling stuck in life?
Do you feel out of balance?
Are you experiencing pain & dis-ease?

Holistic Counseling will help you align your physical life with your soul’s intent.  Dis-ease occurs when there is DIS- HARMONY between our behavior and what our Higher-Self knows is the best path for us to follow in order to experience and learn what we came here to experience and learn.  When there is HARMONY, it provides BALANCE in body, mind, and spirit and thus in thoughts and actions.

Holistic Counseling teaches the client to tune into messages from the body which are sent from the soul.  We come here to learn certain lessons and many times these lessons are disguised as obstacles and within these obstacles are the opportunities for the growth we came to the physical plane to attain.

Holistic Counseling:

  • Uses spiritual exercises to shift negative programming and develop a deeper understanding of the spiritual realm
  • Emphasizes awareness of the universal laws that work in our lives
  • Enables one to notice, learn, and quickly move to a new perspective
  • Helps one learn how to rely on the Divine Spirit within
  • Unveils one’s divine nature as a spiritual being composed of love
  • Offers the opportunity to connect body, mind, and spirit to release dis-ease
  • Fosters creation, self-mastery, self-empowerment, and responsibility in the individual
  • Promotes the release of guilt, fear, or unworthiness

Holistic Counseling uses meditation to bring the client to an alpha state where responses come from the spirit instead of the mind.  Awareness of feelings, bodily sensations, and emotions help the client to unravel the puzzle of “Why is this happening to me again?” Awareness leads to the ability to make the choice to release dysfunctional patterns and replace them with life-sustaining, self-empowering patterns that support self-mastery.

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