Bio-Energy Healing


Becoming aware of the energetic imprints embedded in your body, mind, and spirit is the first step to true healing.

What is the Bio-field?

The bio-field, sometimes referred to as the aura, is the energy in and around the body. While the body as a whole has its own bio-field, each of the individual organs does as well. Emotional stresses or traumas can be trapped or stored in these energy fields which create the blocks that trigger the dis-eases we encounter in life.

What do bio-field techniques do?

Bio-field, or bio-energetic, techniques are processes that use your body’s energy to promote wellness or heal you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. These techniques remove energy disruptions that manifest as limiting beliefs, allowing you to heal and move beyond the daily restrictions you have been encountering.

How can these techniques help me?

All dis-ease, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, is the result of disrupted energy. When we heal at the energetic, spiritual, or soul level, we prevent the disruption from reaching the other levels and thereby prevent illness and maintain health. Common issues that can be healed with bio-field techniques are:

  • depression
  • apathy
  • feeling/being stuck
  • chronic pain
  • feeling unfulfilled
  • physical illness
  • migraines
  • lack of success


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