SOUL HEALING is the transformation that comes from following your Soul’s Agenda and staying on your Soul’s Path. This is the deepest kind of healing available to us because at the Soul level we have UNLIMITED POTENTIAL AND POSSIBILITIES. It is healing by the Soul rather than to the Soul because at the soul level we are already perfect, whole, and complete. Soul healing enables us to remember our wholeness and to get in touch with who we really are.

We are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience and because of this we have tremendous POWER.  For many of us, however, this POWER is untapped because we are unaware of it.  We simply don’t realize how powerful we truly are.

You can become self-empowered by experiencing Soulful Energetics Healing and Transformation sessions and workshops.  The Power Therapies I use will help you to achieve your dreams and more by deleting the limiting beliefs and blocks that are holding you back and replacing them with self-love and self-confidence in order for you to live your life as YOUR UNLIMITED SELF.  All of the processes and techniques I use work with your body’s energy or Bio-Energy and they clear energy disruptions so that there is a continuous, smooth uninterrupted flow of energy throughout which is the deepest way for healing and transformation to take place.


The services I offer are unique in that they enable me to help you find the specific stressful event that is the cause of your dis-ease.  Additionally, we will not only find it, but also clear it from your cellular memory so that you can regain your health and/or find your way to achieving your dreams.

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