Resonance Repatterning previously known as Holographic Repatterning

Resonance Repatterning was developed by Chloe Wordsworth.  Chloe had the foresight and the genius to know over 20 years ago what most of us are just coming into.  Namely, that there are many natural methods to transform life-depleting resonance patterns into life-supporting, coherent resonance patterns.  In RR these methods are called Modalities, and there are hundreds of them.

The list of Modalities that are chosen by an energy checking method is extensive and includes Sound, Movement, Breath, Energy Contacts of Jin Shin Jyutsu Physio-Philosophy, Yin and Yang Balancing Points, Heart Entrainment, Color, Light, Fragrance of Essential Oils, Mu Acupuncture Points, Meridian Massage, Activating Chakra Lines of Force, Polarity Contacts, and more.

If you are not experiencing an abundance of love and joy, and you are frustrated by a lack of fulfillment within yourself, in your relationships, in your creative self-expression or in your work, it means that you have lost your optimal resonant frequency.  RR helps you identify where you have lost your optimal frequency and how you can regain it.  Every problem or negative area of your life is a life-depleting pattern that you resonate with, or are in tune with.  RR helps you to transform your resonance to match life-enhancing patterns and attitudes.

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