MR is a Meridian technique that uses traditional EFT but includes all the magical possibilities of the Matrix such as Time Travel and whatever comes up or will work for that moment. According to Quantum Physics, the observer controls the outcome of the observed. Therefore, when we re-visit a scene from the past, we are able to change the cellular memory so that a good feeling replaces a negative one. MR is similar to the work we’ve always done with the Inner Child and EFT which is to visualize the scene of the distress, visualize the child, your young self, and then tap on that child to relieve the distress. In MR we change or Reimprint the Matrix by visualizing the outcome of the scene as we wish it had been. This works because it plants a new memory which the subconscious now sees as true. Consequently, the imprint of the negative/stressful event is healed at the cellular level.

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