The Healing Angels of the Energy Field

INTEGRATED ENERGY THERAPY – IET was channeled to Stevan Thayer, a Reiki Master, from Angel Ariel. IET’s byline is “Get the issues out of your tissues.” Similar to Reiki in that the hands are used to send energy, IET attunes and integrates the energy of the healing angels. This integrated energy has a higher vibrational frequency than Reiki which makes it more suitable for emotional and spiritual healing. To learn more about IET you can read Thayer’s book, “Interview with an Angel”, and visit his website, IET can be done by proxy, long distance, or using a surrogate, or of course, in person. Sessions usually last about an hour and focus on releasing anger, resentment, guilt, powerlessness, distrust, shame, betrayal, shoulds, fear, threat, and stress from where they live in the body; namely, the liver/gallbladder, spleen, top of the head, stomach, the third eye, throat/lungs, heart, shoulders, kidneys, back of the neck, and adrenals. It releases the cellular memory from these organs and imprints their opposites such as, forgiveness, innocence, ease, trust, love, freedom, safety, and support. After a session of Holistic Counseling and Energy Psychology, IET is the most wonderful tool to use to allow for new beginnings. The angelic IET energy releases the suppressed pain of the past by integrating it with the joy of the present moment allowing for more resonance with future goals and ideals which assists in their manifestation.

In IET we work with the integration channel, a special channel that serves to rebalance the energy of the body’s cellular memory. Rebalancing of energy within the integration channel is self-regulating and self-directing. Practicioners work to support the body’s natural ability to establish and maintain proper balance of this channel.

The objective of IET is to provide a simple and gentle way to open the flow of vital life force within the human body and the human energy field, by integrating suppressed feelings from cellular memory and clearing their associated energy blockages as mentioned above.

All IET practitioners receive attunements to the violet angelic energy ray which expands their energy body and allows them to be a channel of the integrated angelic energy of compassion. The IET ray can support the clearing of energy blockages and cellular memories that result from this lifetime, as well as those that were brought into this life from past lives. The IET energy works to energetically restructure your body’s 12 strand DNA and supports you in remembering and living the true expression of your soul’s purpose in this lifetime. Long-distance healing is offered using IET.

Stevan Thayer, the IET healing founder, uses a technique that helps participants pair-up in his workshops. He tells everyone to separate and walk around a little and then close their eyes. When they open their eyes, the first person they have eye contact with is the partner they are meant to work with that day. This person is someone with whom they have a spiritual relationship, meaning they knew each other while in spirit, some intimately, some casually.

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