Guided Self Healing

Attracting disease and negativity into your life?

Change your Attractor Field, release your limiting beliefs,

and resonate abundance, happiness, and health.  The Law of

Attraction states that we attract that with which we resonate.

When we resonate WELLNESS and  PROSPERITY, that is

what we attract.  When our thoughts are negative and our

attention is on what we lack, we become a magnet for

negativity and for everything we don’t want.  When we change

our thinking and put our attention on gratitude for any good

that we have in our lives, we attract what we do want.  So, choose

health and happiness by thinking healthy and happy thoughts,

which changes your resonance.  It has been said that to

change your life change your thinking.  A more on-target

statement is, “Change your energy, change your life.”

Since everything is energy, as Einstein said, all memories,

thoughts, and experiences, are stored as energy in our cells.

Our brain is in our head, but the Mind is present in every cell

as Cellular Memory, which is energy.  To get to the core

issues that are keeping you from living the life you want

and release them as energy is a blessing from the Source of

all that is.  We all have this power within us.  The power

to heal ourselves and be free of anger, guilt, doubt, fear

and dis-ease.  Our Creator made it possible for us to

heal ourselves.  How could it be any other way?

We weren’t set up to fail;  we were built for

success!  We were created with everything we need

within our reach to become awakened and enlightened.

We’ve just forgotten how to use this gift.  This power

within is ours for the asking and can be used for emotional,

physical, mental, and spiritual issues.  It is available to us

whenever and for whatever we need it.  We have the tools;

we are the tool!

The remarkable thing about Energy Healing is that it works with the body to help change the mind.  It releases trauma and stored emotions held in the body/mind.  As Candace Pert, a distinguised cellular biologist, has discovered, “The body is the subconscious mind.”  Working with the body’s Energy Systems such as the Meridians and the Chakras changes the chemical and hormonal structure of our physical body.  Consequently, as Quantum Scientists are now discovering, our whole genetic structure is malleable.  It is changed by our internal environment which is our thoughts/perceptions.  This has been proven by Nobel Prize for Medicine winner(2000), Eric Kandel, M.D., director of Columbia University’s Center for Neurobiology and Behavior.

Kurt Ebert, PhD. based his Attractor Field Techniques and the AFT Belief Change system on Dr. Kandel’s findings.  He has also used the work of Dr. David Hawkins to create AFT.  Dr. Kandel’s work showed that recording and replaying memories of experience alters which of many genes are expressed, or are turned on or off.  He found that our thoughts and memories activate the biophysical mechanisms that turn genes on or off; our thoughts change our bodies. Read more about this research on Dr. Ebert’s website,

Energy Therapy/Healing enables the changes in the mind to take place much faster; sometimes instantaneously.  The help of a counselor/therapist is important when beginning this work.  However, it is a simple skill that anyone can apply throughtout his or her life to release dis-ease and maintain wellness.  It’s not as easy as taking a pill, but the problem with that is pills don’t always work and they deal with symptoms, not cause.

What are  Guided Self-Healing Solutions?

They are energy-based techniques, integrated with biology, psychology, and physics that have been successful in helping and healing many conditions of dis-ease, and can be self-applied when guided by an Energy Therapist/Teacher.  These include the MERIDIAN THERAPIES,  which are vibrational repatterning and reprogramming techniques such as:

Emotional Freedom Technique, Tapas Acupressure Technique, and Attractor Field Technique; Energy Psychology; Energy Medicine; Be Set Free Fast; Emotional Release Therapy; and also other energy therapies including Rapid Eye Technology;  Chakra Balancing; QiGong; Affirmations; Prayer; Applied Kinesiology; and Meditation and Visualization.


Self-healing comes from within and is done with, not to, the student/client. This can be referred to as ‘inner healing’ vs. ‘outer healing’, which would include traditional medicine.  Healing from within can be instantaneous or take several sessions to reach the physical body.  Inner healing is rapid when  energy therapies are used.  Many choose to use both kinds of healing  simultaneously when a serious disease is manifesting.  But, as great as traditional medicine can be, outer healing cannot survive without inner healing.

Compare this to having a leak in your ceiling.  No matter how much patching  you do, it’s only a temporary fix until you get to the source of the leak and repair it.  Working with the symptom alone isn’t the answer.  Pretty soon the ceiling will come crashing down.  Similarly,  when dis-ease manifests,  the Attractor Field must be repatterned or reprogrammed in order to heal the source.

True healing must occur on all levels, thus the term ‘holistic’.  With Energy Healing we are changing the frequencies of disease to the frequencies of wellness. Along with this frequency change one’s consciousness level is raised resulting in a  transformation of the way of being.  New thought patterns must be maintained in order to continue to attract wellness.  Traditional medicine or talk therapy alone cannot do this; and if it doesn’t happen, disease is again attracted.

That’s why it is so important to change the Energy Field.  Many call Energy Healing Spiritual Healing because it pertains to a very real part of us that we cannot see.  We are Energy because we are Spirit.  Or, we could say we are Spirit because we are Energy.  No one can heal your Spirit but you!  No healing can be authentic and  lasting if the Spirit is not healed.

Guided Self-healing methods can be taught over-the-phone or in-person, call 908-27… for a free consultation.  Just because it’s called self- healing, doesn’t mean you have to do it alone.  These methods  all have energy frequency or vibrational change as the integral component.

Since everything is energy, these changes can take place in thought patterns and belief systems, in physiology such as body chemistry, in the emotions and in the spirit.  That’s why we call it healing of the body, mind, and spirit.  Since they are all connected to make the whole person, we call it Holistic Healing.

The teacher or guide is essential because most of what ails us is sub-conscious.  Most Energy Therapists use muscle or energy checking to get to core issues which are causing us to be stuck or blocking our energy.  This helps to make the process much more rapid than traditional talk therapy.  These methods clear the way for the body to do what it does very well; that is, heal itself.

One of the Meridian Therapies that is very effective and can be self-applied is Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT.  It is fast and easy; more importantly, it works!

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