Deep Process




Detox Emotions Energetically for Peace (DEEP Self-Healing) is a process I derived from the many protocols I have learned over the past several years. Participants using the DEEP Process reported being able to bring their distress level concerning the issue they worked on down to a zero. That is the goal of the DEEP Self-Healing Process.

In order to attract what you want in life, you have to release the hidden subconscious blocks that are preventing you from attracting what you want. Using DEEP will allow you to release and clear those blocks.

The Letting Go/Letting God Process  is a simple Meridian tapping technique that gets the job done.  DEEP goes Deeper!

DEEP consists of variations of the following techniques that help to clear the subconscious blocks to self-realization:


Bio-Energy Techniques


The bio-field, sometimes referred to as the aura, is the energy in and around the body. While the body as a whole has its own bio-field, each of the individual organs does as well. Emotional stresses or traumas can be trapped or stored in these energy fields which create the blocks that trigger the dis-eases we encounter in life.

Bio-field  techniques are processes that use your body’s energy to promote wellness or heal you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. These techniques remove energy disruptions that manifest as limiting beliefs, allowing you to heal and move beyond the daily restrictions you have been encountering.

Chakra Techniques

Energy Healing

The seven chakras are the main centers in our bodies through which energy flows. While there are more, these main seven are the basis of the techniques used in this practice. Each chakra is in the area of and connected to a major endocrine gland:1st, root, adrenals; 2nd, sacral, gonads; 3rd, solar plexus, pancreas; 4th, heart, thymus; 5th, throat, thyroid; 6th, third eye pituitary; 7th, crown, pineal gland.

Chakra techniques are designed to clear out the negative imprints that are trapped in the energy centers causing the manifestation of dis-ease. Once these are cleared, then new, positive imprints can be made.


Meridian Techniques


Meridians are invisible channels of energy that flow to different points throughout our bodies. First discovered by the ancient Chinese, they are the basis for acupuncture, as well as several other healing techniques. Pressure, light, sound or color can be used to help stimulate meridian points throughout the body which encourages movement and release of blocked energies. This movement helps the body to reestablish its natural flow of energy which promotes healing from within.


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