Energy Healing

“Emotion always has its roots in the unconscious and manifests itself in the body.”

– Irene Claremont de Castillejo 

What are Chakras?

The seven chakras are the main centers in our bodies which energy flows through. While there are more, these main seven are the basis of the techniques used in this practice. Each chakra is in the area of and connected to a major endocrine gland: 1st, root, adrenals; 2nd, sacral, gonads; 3rd, solar plexus, pancreas; 4th, heart, thymus; 5th, throat, thyroid; 6th, third eye pituitary; 7th, crown, pineal gland.

How do the chakra techniques work?

Chakra techniques are designed to clear out the negative imprints that are trapped in the energy centers causing the manifestation of dis-ease. Once these are cleared, then new, positive imprints can be made.


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