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Chakraperson-used with permission of Sir Martin Brofman

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A Body Mirror System Healer learns to see and interpret the colors in the Chakras, the body’s major energy centers.   The body is seen as a Map of Consciousness that holds all the memories, injuries, events, and experiences a person goes through.  The Chakras, according to Hindu philosophy, are related to the Endocrine System and each one encompasses a specific Endocrine gland.  In that sense, the Chakras can be used as a Map to help decipher dis-ease in the area of a particular Chakra, and to heal that dis-ease by realizing what Thought Forms are causing the dis-ease, releasing them, and replacing them with thinking that heals.  The Technician can also work with the colors of the Chakras to release what isn’t needed there and replace what is necessary for healing to take place.

In his book “Anything Can Be Healed” Martin Brofman, Ph.D. tells about his experience with terminal cancer over 25 years ago.  He speaks of how he made a decision to live and healed himself of cancer of the spinal cord which was paralyzing him.  He did this by listening to the language of his body and by learning ancient healing methods available to each of us. I’m sure he won’t mind my sharing some of his insights with those who are seeking to heal themselves of cancer.

Dr. Brofman learned that all that was happening on the physical level with his cancer was a result of what had been going on in his consciousness. He realized that he was living a life that made him very unhappy, but he felt obligated to continue with a marriage and a career that were making him miserable.  He believes that he attracted a terminal illness because he wanted to die.  He now lives according to his inner voice which tells him to do what makes him happy and to not do what makes him unhappy.  This is a lesson which we all need to heed.

He learned to interpret his symptoms metaphorically and to use the Chakras as maps to interpret these metaphors.  He says that symptoms speak to you in your own language telling you what you have been doing to yourself.  One way of being creates a symptom and another way of being releases it.  It is you who decide your way of being.  Quoting from his book:

I realized that for me to continue to live, I would have to express the real me, communicate what is true for me, leave the situations in which I had been unhappy, and consider alternatives to the standard medical model in which my situation was considered hopeless.  I did all of that and changed my life.

Since the medical model presented no solution, I received no treatment, and no medication.

Since I was expected to die any minute if I coughed or sneezed, each meal was the last one I might ever experience, and so I ate whatever I wanted, and loved it.  I had no special diet.  What I happened to desire at the time and enjoy, was a lot of hamburgers, sausages, pizza, and Coca Cola. (I am not advocating this diet but include it because it was part of Dr. Brofman’s experience and to show that what goes in your mouth is not as important as what comes out of your mouth.  I do advise everyone to have an 80% raw, organic diet, invest in a good water filter such as the Wellness Filter, and to stay away from sugar,plastic bottles, anything processed or canned; eat only Alaskan Wild-Caught Salmon and Grass-fed beef)*and watch out for them Cannoli’s.

Therefore, what I needed at that time was a lot of yang energy and a wide yin-yang spectrum. What I changed was my mental diet, the ideas I chose to accept into my consciousness. When I had a certain thought and felt bad afterward, I knew that I was creating stress by choosing that thought.  Stress creates illness.  If I wanted to feel better, I knew I had to choose different thoughts that felt better.

I acknowledged to myself the importance of being happy, and of doing what makes me happy.  I also dedicated myself to the inner work that was necessary to allow myself to believe that the symptom was being released.  The effects were that the hopeless condition was reversed.  The healing happened.  (It took him 2 months.)

Within my own experience, I had had cancer of the spinal cord, at the level of the neck. I was terminally ill.  My symptoms were paralysis, inability to walk, and a lot of pain.



For me, the cancer had been in the part of my energy system represpenting communication and expression.  I had been keeping myself from expressing what was true for me.  I had been in an unhappy marriage in which I had not felt free to communicate without it becoming an argument.

When I describe my symptoms from the point of view that I created them, then rather than saying that I was paralyzed, I would have to say that I had been paralyzing myself.  I had been trying to be what others wanted me to be rather than being myself.  The real me was inside, but I had not been letting the real me express my true being.  By doing that, I had been causing myself much pain.

Rather than saying that I couldn’t walk, I had to say that I had been keeping myself from walking. I had been keeping myself in experiences in which I was unhappy, and keeping myself from walking away, when that was what I had really wanted to do… Rather than say that I was dying, I had to say that I had been killing myself.”

I’ve included all of this by Dr. Brofman to drive home the point that the physical plane is the manifestation of consciousness, and also to emphasize the significance of the body as a Map of Consciousness.  I offer sessions to help those with Cancer and other diseases to understand the messages from the body by doing Chakra work as a Body Mirror System technician.

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Several techniques are used to release negativity from the body’s seven main energy centers while instilling and imprinting the desired, positive states of being.  These include meditation, thought patterns, visualization, affirmations, movement, the breath, intention, and more.  Students/clients are taught to perform many of these techniques in order to self-apply them for optimal states of wellness and balance.

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According to Hindu tradition each chakra is a vortex or spinning wheel of energy.  These vortices contain the information of all our memories, traumas, and experiences.  When energy becomes clogged or disrupted, we sense this in certain parts of the body.  This energy disruption manifests in the physical as pain, discomfort, or dis-ease.  We see that as a message from the body telling us that there is something not right.  The area of the discomfort corresponds to a certain chakra which represents specific emotional themes.  When the clues are interpreted,  the underlying issue comes to light and is then accepted, revisited, and the negative emotional charge released.  Conscious choices and decisions based on this information are now possible. This is the essence ofMINDBODY COACHING, using the chakras as Maps of Consciousness that provide an opportunity for healing.

According to Dr. Candace Pert, “The body is the subconscious mind.”  Holistic Counseling/MindBody Coaching helps the client use the information from the body, the intellect, and the emotions in order to shift perceptions.  True and complete physical healing is possible only when emotional and cognitive healing precedes it.  When we heal our spirit, our emotions, and our thinking, we pave the way for physical healing.  If the mind, spirit, and emotions are not healed even though the body is “cured”, dis-ease will manifest again in the same way, as in a cancer returning, or, in another form.

We must create HARMONY and BALANCE within by becoming AWARE.

Awareness opens the door to asking for, allowing, and accepting healing on all levels. “That which we do not bring into consciousness appears as fate within our lives.”  Carl Jung

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