AFT is similar to EFT in that it is a Meridian Therapy that is the result of the convergence of ancient Mysticism and modern Technology.  AFT and EFT are based on the ancient Chinese premise that our bodies have an Energy System that runs through every organ in our body much the same as our Circulatory System.  There are 14 Meridians, one named after each organ, two that run up the front and down the backs of our bodies and one called the Triple Warmer.  Meridian Therapies such as AFT and EFT utilize these Meridians to return balance and optimal flow to our Energy Systems and to our body, mind, and spirit.

AFT and EFT are tapping techniques used to release blockages to the energy flow.  Acupuncture uses needles inserted into the same Meridian Points.  AFT, however, also utilizes the modern technology of recording frequencies onto CD’s that simulate and are identical to the effects of the tapping.  FORGIVENESS of self and others is a major part of AFT.

With AFT we are identifying the Level of Consciousness from which a person is viewing the world, God, life, and others.  “Knowings” are identified by using Energy Checking; these are beliefs formed when a trauma was experienced, something that one just “knows” to be true.  Clearing these is essential in AFT.

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