NES Human Body-field Scan

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NES Body-Field Scan

Because of the persistence and determination of two seriously ill men who were not getting the results they wanted from allopathic medicine, the Nutri-Energetics System was born.  Fortunately, we now can benefit from the results of 30 years of research that has successfully healed thousands worldwide.  A blend of Quantum Physics and advanced technology NES scans the body for over 150 physical and emotional distortions of energy and information, the root cause of disease according to pioneering Quantum Physics researchers.  Correcting these distortions with the recommended Infoceuticals (drops of quantum imprints of information) enhances your body’s own natural maintenance, repair, and self-healing capabilities.

A NES scan does not scan the body for anything that might be deemed harmful from an allopathic medicine perspective.  Instead, it is looking for whether sub-atomic information pathways and interactions that control all physiological processes are damaged, distorted, or blocked.  If they are, the NES Infoceuticals supply the necessary QED information to correct the damge, distortions, or blocks.  Because NES is working with QED information and not biochemistry, the NES infoceuticals do not interfere with any supplements, pharmaceuticals, herbs, homeopathic remedies and the like that you may be taking.  Also, because the NES Infoceuticals restore the HBF and the proper information flow, other modalities such as homeopathy, acupuncture and so on can actually be enhanced.

Unlike other biotechnologies that deal mostly with frequencies the NES model includes the entire energy range in its understanding or evaluation of the HBF.  We include an assessment of phonic (sub-sonic sound), frequency/sound, ionic, magnetic, and photonic (light) energies.

Thousands of people across the globe are benefitting from NES, using it alone or as part of their preventative health program including pharmaceuticals. Clients are reporting relief and improvements across the board, including:

Emotional resiliency – the ability to stay positive, cope better with stress and life challenges, enhanced even-temperedness,  ability to “go with the flow”, greater optimism and enthusiasm

Increased vitality, energy, stamina; improved sleep; sharper mental focus; increased drive

Relief from or improvements in symptoms of physical and emotional issues

The time it takes to experience improvements depends on many factors including the severity of your problems, your outlook and beliefs, your environment and your personal situation.  Many clients start feeling better right away; for others it may take a little longer to clear the root cause and eliminate symptoms.

Return to and maintain optimal health easily, scientifically, and safely by scheduling a NES Human Body-Field Scan and get results and recommendations immediately.   I want you to experience and benefit from this advanced technology so I am offering a really fantastic, ‘can’t say no to’, Introductory Offer

Nutri-Energetics System Body Scans (NES)
Assess and correct 150 issues linked to your health and wellness!

NES Scans – $75 per hour
Infoceuticals: $25 ( 3 to 6 recommended per visit)
Original price: Will be: 1st Scan – $150; 5 scans $500 when Introductory offer is over.

Call for further information.

Carole Seaver, MA, NCC, DCEP


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