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Some people see expressing emotions as being weak.  This has usually been attributed to men but many women aslo hide ther emotions because it is frowned upon to be so expressive.  Also, sometimes people don’t even acknowledge their own emotions to themselves.   They become so used to supressing and denying their emotions, that they don’t even realize they have them.  Many times we find ourselves in situations that make us feel not good about ourselves.  We feel like we want to get away and never get in a situation like that again.  Of course, that is not always possible; and when it is, it prevents growth and experience and that cannot be good.  What I want you to know today is that EMOTIONS are good and acknowledging them and expressing them is even better.  Emotions are signals to us that give us information as to what is good for us and what is not.  Feelings are emotions felt in the body.  They are there for a reason and need our attention.

What is most beneficial to us is to really feel our feelings because we cannot heal what we cannot feel.  Emotions are so important and must be given sufficient stage time.  To deny what we feel and push it aside and pretend that everything is OK can be dangerous.  However, once we have allowed ourselves sufficient time to feel our feelings and really get into them we must adapt and let go.   To dwell on our negative feelings is like pouring gasoline on a fire.   It may be helpful at some point to “act as if” but only when we have acknowledged and not denied our true feelings.   Feelings buried alive never die and actually come back to haunt us.   Emotions are “energy in motion” and are meant to be felt and moved through us, not denied and, consequently, remain stagnant.  These pent-up emotions demand to have their say, and if we don’t give it to them through verbal expression with both thought and dialogue, they will use the body to get our attention.  They will be expressed one way or another.  And, if you don’t hear them or ignore them, they’ll shout a little louder.

Trauma, stress, and the negative experiences that cause them are imprinted upon our sub-conscious which, actually, is a good thing.  Our being, body, mind, and spirit, is so cleverly crafted that it is equipped with a “danger sensory system”.  At the precise moment of a specific stressful event, a multisensory movie is created that includes what we saw, heard, felt, smelled, or sensed when the original event occurred.  This movie is triggered to replay whenever a subsequent event contains any element of the original.  This is to warn us to stay away from something or someone or to run away, or go head on with it.  We know this as the “fight, flight, or freeze” reaction.

Back in the caveman days this really came in handy.  When a large predatory, flesh-eating mammal approached, this reaction would come into play and our ancestors knew to either run or fight.  Very rarely, I’m sure, did they “freeze” other than through fear.  In our modern day world, we cannot or do not always fight or take flight.  Sometimes, we just have to grin and bear it or “freeze” because we either don’t know what to do or to do anyting else would be inappropriate in a civilized world.  We now know that this is the source of many of our emotional and physical problems.  So, what started out as a built-in, life-saving mechanism is becoming counter productive.  But, maybe it doesn’t have to be that way.

As children, we came across many frightening situations and the fight or flight response worked.  It was OK and served us well in many instances.  For example, if we had to give a classroom presentation and, naturally, were a little apprehensive, and we sensed, felt, or heard, a negative reaction from the class or teacher, the imprint of the movie was created.  In that type of situation one cannot run and cannot fight but will usually freeze.  You can come up with many similar examples in your life where these sub-conscious movies were created.  The problem is that we continue to play the same movies as an adult.  You can see how this replaying of an original movie would prevent someone as an adult from advancing career-wise where many times presentations to groups must be made.  This imprint remains until it is released energetically by making a new movie, which some never get to do because of the fear, or using Energy Psychology which removes the imprint at a cellular level without the fear aspect.

The emotions triggered by a present-day situation that we find frightening or unpleasant and may be making us dysfunctional in some way are warnings from the past, the original movie.  This movie program worked at some point to protect us, but as adults, the same unconsious reaction hinders us.  If you find yourself avoiding certain functions, tasks, people, events, situations, procrastinating, having relationship problems, etc.  you are proably running an old movie that was made during a stressful event.  With Energy Psychology we can find the old movie and replace it with a new one that works for you as an adult.  Energy Psychology goes beyond talk therapy; it goes to the cellular level to release the movies that aren’t working for you anymore which will allow you to function without fear in order to live life fully.  This does not mean that you have no sense of danger, but you have an adult sense of danger and act accordingly.  If you are still reacting the way you did as a child, Energy Psychology can help you.  Call me at 908-278-2729 if you are ready to release your old, dysfunctional movies.


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